Better(not bigger)Vermont has two programs it can present to community groups to help people better understand why population growth is the underlying cause of all of our environmental problems and many of our social problems and what needs to be done to create a sustainable population.

One is a power point talk titled, How Large Should Vermont’s Population Be? For Sustainability? For Quality of Life? This question has been asked at least since 1973 when the Vermont Population Policy report was published by the Vt. Natural Resources Council, but has never been answered until now. The forty slide program takes between sixty and ninety minutes with two Q&A periods included. The organizer of the first showing at Middlebury College said the talk was “wonderful.” The slides can be viewed here.

The other is a showing of the new movie Hooked on Growth produced by growthbusters.org.
The movie was developed by David Gardner who watched the huge population growth of Boulder, CO. and decided that this wasn’t good for the city and he must do something about it.
A preview can be seen here:

You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTT5aaDoZJ0
Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/30647439

Paul Ehrlich says that, “This could be the most important movie ever made.” Bill McKibben says, “The cult of endless growth has kept us from seeing clearly the choices in front of us.”
There are two versions of the movie, a forty-five minute one and a ninety minute one. We recommend the shorter one so that a longer discussion can follow.

George Plumb will travel anyplace in Vermont to do either of the programs. They could also both be done at different times with the movie first to give a broad perspective and the power point later to give a Vermont perspective. He only asks that if possible a donation be made to help cover his travel costs. He does have a power point projector but would need the equipment to show the DVD. Possible local sponsors could include your local library, town conservation commission or planning commission, church group, high school or college environmental program, environmental or sustainable living organization, or peace and justice group.

To contact him email plumb.george@gmail.com or 802-883-2313.